British Swim School – Teddy Earns His Blue Cap!


My little fish are still going strong with their water survival classes at British Swim School. This past month was especially exciting as we had a major accomplishment with Teddy – he graduated from the Tadpole level! It was so rewarding to see his progression each week and then complete all the goals. He earned his blue cap and is now in the Swimboree level:

Beginner Water Survival: 3 Months to 36 Months with Parent
(4 Children Max, Parent-assisted class)

Building on our Tadpole skills, little ones begin their water survival skills through a structured program of songs, games and fun. Your instructor will work one-on-one with you and your child.  Students must meet Tadpole goals in order to enroll in Swimboree.

The Swimboree class is a lot different than the Tadpole class. In the Tadpole class, the focus is much more on water acclimation with whole class engagement, songs, and play. Most of the time the student is with the parent except for practicing a couple skills with the instructor. Swimboree on the other hand is more focused on the one-on-one interaction of the instructor and student. The instructor takes turns working directly with each child in the class on all the skills. While she is working with other students the parent practices the skills with their child. Since the maximum class size is 4, there is still a lot of time working directly with the instructor.


These are the 5 Goals of Swimboree:

Assisted back floating (or independent)

Teddy is doing great with his assisted back float. The instructors make it fun and sing a song while practicing. He has learned to relax and knows that he has to stay in the position until the song is over. Occasionally he will get squirmy or impatient but for the most part he does really well. I have been able to get him to do the float with his head completely off my shoulders and resting in my hands. He also loves to practice his back float in the bathtub at home. It is really cute!

Assisted submerged Torpedo rollover (or independent rollover)

This is a new skill that wasn’t part of the Tadpole class and the hardest skill in the Swimboree level. The child is submerged and then rolled over into a back float while still under water. The first time the instructor did this with Teddy he came up looking a bit surprised but didn’t even cry, so that was great! It is still pretty new to him as we have only had three Swimboree classes so far.

Full submersion sitting or standing

At the Swimboree level, the children  are given the chance to either sit and fall into the water, or stand and jump into the water. Teddy is happy doing either and thinks it is fun! And he doesn’t cry after the submersion, so that is a big win!

Able to separate from the parent

Teddy got a new instructor when he moved into the Swimboree class and he had no problem transitioning. He immediately took to Ms. Alyssa after she let him dump his cup of water on her head. He thought this was hilarious and had so much fun with her! We did have to do a make up class this past week and had a different instructor. There were a couple times when Teddy was whining and reaching his arms out for me but he still did pretty good with the separation.

Independent in the swim ring

Teddy mastered this in the Tadpole class. He had come a long way, since first practicing using the swim ring – he hated it and would cling to me. But then each week he got more and more comfortable. Now he takes off when he’s in it and gets around by himself really well.

I’m so happy with how Teddy is doing in the Swimboree class! I have no doubt he’s going to continue to make great progress. We are looking forward to the outdoor pools opening later this month and that will give me more opportunities to practice his skills with him outside of our regular class time.


Mae is also doing great as a Starfish! She loves the class and is often so excited to go that she has her bathing suit and coverup on two hours in advance, lol! (She does have great swim style – see below :)) But she is still being her stubborn self and refuses to try a submersion. I know that in time it will come and I’m just so happy that she enjoys the class because we’ve come a long way with overcoming her swim lesson fears. Her regular instructor has been absent so she has had a lot of different substitute teachers. I think it will help her once there is a permanent replacement. All of the instructors have been fantastic; Mae is just the type of kid who really has to trust and feel comfortable with the instructor/coach. She is completing all of the other goals at the Starfish level including her assisted back float, so we will keep working on getting her to try the submersion.


I am thrilled to share an enrollment special for $20.19 off your first month of group lessons with code #CapMom19.  There are 10 different pools in the area where classes are held, so it’s easy to find a convenient location. Information for the Central Maryland British Swim Schools can be found here.


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