Build-a-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Bear Workshop
Montgomery Mall
7101 Democracy Blvd
Bethesda, MD 20817
(301) 365-8388

This past Saturday it was a rainy day here in DC so I needed to come up with an indoor activity for the girls. I decided to take them to the Build-a-Bear Workshop in Montgomery Mall. We had never been before and Clara has been asking to go here for a while. It is located on the lower level near Sears.

Since we were new to this Build-a-Bear process, I asked a salesperson (here they are called Bear Builder Associates) to walk us through the steps. First, you select your bear (now they also have: My Little Pony, Disney Palace Pets, Furever Princess, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) at the Choose Me station. Clara chose Lil’ Almond Cub for Mae and the Pink Disney Palace Pets cat for herself. Then you go to the Love Me station. This is where you can give your furry friend its unique personality traits that are added to the red satin heart which is inserted into the friend at the Stuff Me station.


Love Me station


Add unique traits to your friend

Next station: Stuff Me.


The Stuffin Machine


The Bear Builder Associate let Clara use the foot pedal to stuff Lulu.


Pinky getting the stuffin treatment.

the last seam of stuffed animals is neatly pulled shut, nearly completing each new best friend. Before stitching the furry friend, a Bear Builder associate inserts a barcode, allowing it to be reunited with its owner if ever lost and returned to Build-A-Bear Workshop. – See more at:

The Bear Builder Associate then inserts a barcode before stitching, allowing it to be reunited with its owner if ever lost and returned to the workshop.

Next up is the Fluff Me station where you can scrub your friend in the digital bath tub. It kindly lets you know once your friend is officially clean.


Clara scrubbing Pinky


Lulu takes her bath

Then it’s time to take your friend over to the Dress Me station. Warning: this is where you can very easily rack up the bill. Especially if your child likes accessories. I’m still in sticker shock from this experience. Two stuffed animals = $115. But we do have a stuffed cat that is complete with shoes, roller skates, a crown, a bow for her tail, a dress with tutu, a collar, and a leash.


Dressing Room



The next step is the Name Me station where you use the “Bear-O-Scope” to reveal the special attributes you added to your friend. Here, you also create a one-of-a-kind birth certificate that includes a photo of your new friend.


Personalized Birth Certificates

The final step is the Take Me Home station where you receive the birth certificates and a special Cub Condo carrying case.


The finished products

Clara pulled Pinky throughout the Mall and got many compliments on her new friend. Overall, it was a fun experience that is worth trying, especially on a rainy day.

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