BusyBees Indoor Playground

6110 D Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, VA 22044

Busybees is the newest, coolest, and most unique indoor children’s playground that just opened last week in Falls Church, VA. The owner contacted me a few months ago to tell me about her new business she was working on opening. I was immediately very excited! I started telling all my friends about this new play space that would be especially perfect for those days when it’s raining or too hot or too cold to play outside. Then last week I had the opportunity to preview the space and play with my girls at Busybees for the first time. I can honestly tell you, there is really nothing like this in our area! You must check it out if you have small children under 4 feet tall.

As soon as you step in the door, Busybees will put a smile on your face. The space is designed so beautifully in crisp white with pops of blue and green. It’s just the right size – not too big and not too small; so it’s easy to look after multiple children here. The structures in the playground are so incredibly unique – everything spins, moves, or flies.


My girls especially loved this little space filled with flying balloons. Pure joy in here!

Busybees4IMG_9164Also, the staff members at Busybees were all very friendly. When we entered the play space the attendant asked for my girls names and made an effort to remember them. And they were there to help the kids climb up or get down from a structure when needed.

And as Busybees states, here are 7 reasons to love them:

  1. Everything at BusyBees moves, spins, or flies!

  2. We offer the most Funtabulous parties!

  3. In-N-Out-N-In… $15 all day play

  4. Adults and kids under 1: Always free

  5. Sparkling Clean every 3 hours!

  6. Complimentary coffee/tea for the sleep deprived

  7. And of course, there is free wifi

Definitely lots to love about Busybees. This is a place we will be returning to many times!

3 Responses to BusyBees Indoor Playground

  1. Brandy Williams says:

    What age range do you think this is best for? I have a 14 month old walker and she loves to climb but she very much is still learning and wobbly. Would this be good?

    • alexis says:

      Yes, BusyBees is perfect for you daughter. Everything is pretty low and it’s all padded. There is even a small area sectioned off for babies.

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