DC’s Hidden Glass Forest

Palisades Recreation Center
5200 Sherier Place NW
Washington, DC 20016

After reading about a secret glass forest on Kid Friendly DC and Thrillest , I was really curious and wanted to check it out. We pulled into the small parking lot at the Palisades Recreation Center and my girls immediately saw the playground so we went there first. It is a really nice, gated playground with the rubber surface and it also has water features in the warmer months. The playground is best suited for ages 2-5.


After playing for about an hour, I told the girls we were going on a hike through the secret glass forest and they were excited for the adventure. I wasn’t sure exactly where it was, since there are no signs anywhere. A description I read online said that the trail basically starts behind the backyards of nearby homes, so we headed in that direction. I saw picnic tables and decided to keep going. Then we came upon big bunches of leaves tied together and hanging down from a tree branch and beyond that I saw some pieces of mirrors, so I figured we were on the right trail.


Scattered throughout the forest are at least 10 or so different sculptures made from natural materials, scrap metal, plastic pieces, old parts, mirrors, and glass. It is really pretty strange and almost creepy. Like the Thrillest article mentions, it does have a sort of Blair Witch vibe. There is even a chair like piece with some sort of animal fur thrown over it…very, very odd! However, Clara had fun discovering new surprises as we walked along. And little Mae was happy picking wildflowers. Parents should know that it isn’t the safest place to take kids. There are broken glass and mirror pieces all over the ground, so you have to really watch little ones.


I wouldn’t consider this as a “must see” but it is interesting for sure! The playground is great, so if you are already there its worth taking a little walk into the woods.


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