Disney On Ice Presents Follow Your Heart + Trivia!

image001(1)Only two weeks away until Mickey, Minnie and all our Disney friends are coming to the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, April 12 to April 15 for Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart. The ice skating extravaganza features Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory and Inside Out for the first time in a live production.

Are you taking your kids to the show? Here is some fun Disney Trivia that you can play to get them excited!

What are the 5 emotions that are in Riley’s head?
Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust
What is Riley’s favorite sport?
What state does Riley move to San Francisco from?
What team does Riley play for?
The Foghorns
Which emotion reinstalls the core memories and ends up saving the day?
What song does Dory’s mom make up to help baby Dory?
“Just Keep Swimming”
Who does Dory go on a search to find?
Her Parents
Where was Dory’s first home?
The Marine Life Institute
What does Dory remember about where she is from?
Jewel of Morro Bay
Who helps Dory get out of Quarantine to find her parents?
Hank is an octopus, but how many legs does he have?
What do Dory’s parents leave out to help her find home?
Who is Elsa and Anna’s snowy friend?
What is Kristoff’s profession?
Ice Harvester
What kingdom is Hans the Prince of?
The Southern Isles
What upsets Queen Elsa into freezing the summer?
That Anna wants to marry a man she just met
Anna and Hans think “Love is an Open _____”?
Who helps Anna go find Elsa to bring back summer?
Kristoff and Olaf
What thaws a frozen heart?
An act of true love
Who is the Yodeling cowgirl in Toy Story?
What camp is Woody going to?
Cowboy Camp
What is the name of the TV show that Woody and Jessie are from?
Woody’s Roundup
Who guides Belle when she first arrives to the castle?
Lumiere and Cogsworth
What does the Beast give to Belle?
Her own library
Who is trying to woo and marry Belle and take down the Beast?
Who are the 7 dwarfs?
Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and Grumpy
What kind of pie does Snow White make for the dwarfs?
Gooseberry Pie
Who is the Disney Princess who lives under the sea?
What does Ariel have 20 of but who cares, no big deal, she wants more?
What is Merida skilled in?
Who helps Cinderella get to the ball?
Her Fairy Godmother
What does Cinderella lose at the ball?
Her glass slipper
What does Rapunzel want Flynn Rider to take her to see?
The floating lanterns
Which group is Mulan and the Chinese army fighting?
The Huns
What is the name of Mulan’s leader in the army?
What does Tiana want to open?
Her own restaurant
What kingdom is Price Naveen from?
What was Aladdin’s first wish?
To turn into a prince
Where did Jasmine and Aladdin first meet?
The marketplace
What household item does Mickey turn magical in Fantasia?


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