Homemade Hand Sanitizer

It’s back to school time and with that comes the influx of germs which leads to colds and flus. I was super excited to find out that I could make an all natural non-toxic hand sanitizer for my girls by using my Young Living essential oils. My 1 year old is teething like crazy and is constantly putting her hands in her mouth, so Purell is definitely not an option. I am keeping this hand sanitizer in my diaper bag so I have it where ever we go and I can proactively try to combat the germs. I would love to keep my family healthy and happy this cold and flu season.

The secret weapon in this recipe is the Thieves oil. It is a “miracle blend” of five oils: eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, clove and lemon. ┬áIt aids in maintaining a healthy immune system to help fight illness. Fun fact: clove kills more than 60 different types of bacteria.

Thieves gets its name from this legend dating back to the Middle Ages:

Century after century, bubonic plague outbreaks decimated the population of Asia and Europe for the better part of a thousand years. Out of this period emerged a legend of four thieves who were captured and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims. When the thieves were tried, the magistrate offered leniency if they would reveal how they resisted contracting the infection as they performed their gruesome acts. They told of a special concoction of aromatic herbs, including garlic, cloves and rosemary, that they rubbed on themselves before committing their crimes.

HandsanitizerThe recipe:

Step 1: Fill a 4oz glass spray bottle with 2oz witch hazel
Step 2: Add 2 tbsp vitamin E oil
Step 3: Add 25 drops Thieves oil
Step 4: Add 10 drops Lemon oil
Step 5: Fill the rest of the bottle with water & shake well

Super easy and so much better for you without the harsh ingredients of other sanitizers!

The Lemon and Thieves oil come in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. If you don’t have your kit yet, you can get one here.

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