How to Combat Summer Problems

Ahhh, summer! I love this time of year. Warm weather, ice cream, the pool, vacations; it’s a beautiful time full of fun and memory-making. But every coin has two sides. Summer is also sweaty, hot, itchy, and tough for parents. It can be exhausting and hectic. But even with all these summer challenges, there are still ways to make the most of it! Read on for tips to battle and beat the WORST things about summer in DC.


1. The Oppressive Heat and Humidity

“Hot & Humid” is an accurate description of the weather in D.C. pretty much all summer long! A high concentration of humidity combined with hot temperatures can be dangerous to your health, especially children, the elderly, and people with health problems. So on days when the temps are in the 90’s I make sure to only take my kids out for an outdoor activity in the early morning. Then for the afternoon I’ll either plan something at an indoor place or we will hang out in the pool to stay cool. And I always pack water bottles when we go anywhere.


2. The Pesky Mosquitoes and Other Bugs

A recent study has ranked D.C. as the fourth worst city in the U.S. for mosquitoes. We also get more than our fair share of cicadas, stink bugs, flies, ticks, and gnats. The biting and buzzing bugs can especially be a nuisance and make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. Mosquitoes are also a major health concern since they can transmit several diseases to humans including Zika virus, West Nile virus and several kinds of encephalitis. To help protect my family against mosquitoes, I use DC Mosquito Squads long-lasting barrier spray treatments to keep our yard bug-free.

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3. The Bored Kids

Hearing the words “I’m Bored” makes me cringe! While I try to encourage my girls to use their creativity and play together or independently….it only works for so long. I try to plan lots of games, activities, and trips to keep them entertained but finding that sweet spot of “just enough” activity without over-scheduling is the goal. Check out my blog post here that has ideas for the best things to do with kids in D.C. this summer.


4. Momma Burnout

It’s great to have our kids home for the summer to spend more time together and make lasting memories. However, I find there’s a delicate balance of having fun with them and not going crazy! My girls are still young with endless energy and the baby is obviously demanding of my time and attention so I find it necessary to hire babysitters for help occasionally. I also enroll my girls in a few weeks of summer camp so that I at least have a few hours where I can get work done, run errands, etc. I have found that by mid August I’m usually feeling exhausted so I make sure to schedule some camp days for those last two weeks of summer break. I also couldn’t live without my gym membership where I can drop my kids off in the child care for an hour or so and workout. I find it crucial to my sanity during the summer months!

5. The Lack of Beach Access

Although there are beaches about an hour away on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic 3 hours away, we definitely don’t have one close to home. Traveling to a beach from D.C. takes a good amount of time, packing, and planning. So why not enjoy all the local water options. There are many splash parks, pools, water parks, lakes, and waterfront areas to visit in the D.C. area. Check out this article here for the best splash parks to visit and this guide on visiting the Georgetown Waterfront.


Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with D.C. Mosquito Squad who is providing standard barrier treatment for our yard this summer.

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