Kitchen Adventures – A new play series for preschoolers by Encore Stage & Studio


My oldest daughter and I have been enjoying Encore Stage & Studio performances for a couple of years. Theatre was something I introduced her to when she was just a toddler and she has grown to really love and appreciate it. We always look forward to our momma-daughter theatre dates.  Now as Encore launched a new series for younger children (ages 1 and up) I was able to also introduce my youngest daughter to their theater as well.

Last weekend we saw a performance of Kitchen Adventures, the first show in the new play series for preschoolers. When we first arrived there were a couple of tables of healthy foods for the kids to play with and interact with each other. It was a great little spot to help the kids get some energy out before the show.

IMG_3549 IMG_3546The show was held at St. Andrews Episcopal Church and it was an intimate setting designed to make small children feel comfortable and also a part of the interactive performance. Bright colored carpets were placed right in front of the stage area where kids sat front and center for the show. There was space to move around and snacks and drinks were completely acceptable too. It was definitely designed with the comfort of the kids in mind.

In Kids in the Kitchen, two siblings, with their mom at their side, explore the wonder, excitement, temptation, and nutrition that their kitchen has to offer. On their journey, they encounter fantastic creatures, breakfast mixups, and must face difficult decisions. Ultimately, through cooperation and play, the brother and sister discover the joy in healthy choices and learn the beauty of “everything in moderation.”

The show was mostly non-verbal, there was no speaking just sounds but it really captivated the children and they watched intently. The actors were silly and brought a “tablespoon of fun” to the theatre experience. The show lasted about 30 minutes so it was the perfect length for the little ones.

Kitchen Adventures (1) Kitchen Adventures (2) Kitchen Adventures (3)

Photos by Encore Stage & Studio

After the show, the children were invited up to the stage to explore the set and props and interact with the actors. My girls were excited to take a look into the giant refrigerator and sit at the table.

IMG_3552  IMG_3553  IMG_3554  IMG_3547

I can’t wait to see what Encore offers next in their new Theatre for the Very Young series! Kitchen Adventures was such a fun and cute show. I definitely recommend checking out the next performance. Tickets are just $10. It’s a great way to introduce your little ones to the magic of live theater!

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