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Maids in Brown

I recently had Maids in Brown clean my home and I was so impressed from start to finish. They arrived on time and brought all of their own natural cleaning products and supplies. They were very friendly and trustworthy, so I felt comfortable having them in my home. Finding someone to clean my home who I trust is one of the biggest factors for me. I was so happy with the attention to detail – I noticed them cleaning the ledges on my picture frames and scrubbing the kitchen cabinets. My bathrooms and floors were spotless when they left. It was such a great feeling having the entire house cleaned from top to bottom so that I could focus on my family and not worry about chores that week.

Here is everything that a regular cleaning from Maids in Brown includes:

Living Room

  • Air Vents Dusted
  • Light Fixtures Dusted
  • Cobwebs Removed
  • Picture Frames Dusted
  • Window Sills Dusted
  • Blinds and Baseboards Dusted
  • Furniture Dusted & Polished
  • Door & Doorframes Dusted
  • Floor mopped & carpet vacuumed
  • Trash Removed

Bed Room

  • Make Bed ( change Bed lines if provided)
  • Furniture Dusted and Polished
  • Picture Frames Dusted
  • Window Sills Dusted
  • Blinds & Baseboards Dusted
  • Heat registers Dusted
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Carpet Vacuumed & Floor mopped
  • Ceiling Fans cleaned
  • Door & Doorframes Dusted
  • Trash Removed


  • Bath Tub cleaned
  • Shower tub cleaned
  • Toilet cleaned (inside & outside)
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Light Fixtures cleaned
  • Sink cleaned (inside & outside)
  • Window sills dusted
  • Wipe down towel bar
  • Wipe down toilet paper holder
  • Trash Removed
  • Floor mopped


  • Counter tops cleaned
  • Cabinets (outside)
  • Dishwasher (outside)
  • Microwave inside & outside
  • Clean toaster & coffee maker
  • Refrigerator outside
  • Sink scrubbed & polished
  • Stainless steel surfaces polished
  • Stove top cleaned
  • Furniture tables & chairs cleaned
  • Trash Removed
  • Floor mopped

Additional services

  • Inside oven
  • Inside refrigerator
  • Basement
  • Wet wipe baseboards
  • Inside cabinets

I would definitely recommend Maids in Brown to my friends and family. They do a fantastic job of cleaning at a reasonable price. You can conveniently book online and use code MOM30 to receive $30 off your cleaning!





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