Old River Road Swimming Hole

16315 Old River Road
Poolesville, MD 20837

Last week I read an article in the Washingtonian called “6 Great Swimming Holes Near Washington DC“. One of the places listed is Seneca Creek in Poolesville, MD. I googled the address and found that it was only about a 20 minute drive from Potomac. So, one morning when we had some free time before an afternoon camp, I spontaneously decided to take my girls to check it out. We’re always up for an adventure!

After turning onto Old River Road, I first saw the Poole’s Store. It’s a historic general store but is not currently open, so we parked right in front of this store. Further behind the Poole’s Store is an old barn and private residence, so don’t park there. To get to the creek, it’s just a short walk across the street and through a grassy area over towards the bridge.

It’s a really peaceful and relaxing area. The water is clear and shallow and there are large flat rocks that you can sit on. The current is gentle and the water is warm. My youngest daughter was a little hesitant; she was just happy playing at the water’s edge. Clara, my 4 year old was having a great time splashing around. I think children a bit older would especially love this swimming hole.

PoolesvilleSwimmingHole3 PoolesvilleSwimmingHole2 PoolesvilleSwimmingHole1The swimming pool can start getting mundane towards the end of summer, so taking a dip in the creek is a fun way to mix it up. Good old fashioned summer fun!

Good to Know:

• No fee to park or swim
• No bathrooms
• No place to buy food or drinks nearby, so bring your own

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