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Mae is a Minnow!


The past few weeks of swim class at British Swim School have been so exciting! Mae finally turned a corner and has made a huge leap forward in her progress. She stubbornly refused to put her head underwater for the longest time (we’ve been trying for years). Nothing and no one could convince her to do it….that is until she started working with Ms. Bonnie. After a couple weeks of having Ms. Bonnie as her instructor, she felt really comfortable and more confident than ever. Ms. Bonnie seems to always know what to do and say to kids who are nervous. One day, Ms. Bonnie was able to get Mae to go completely underwater by going under with her. Mae finally realized it’s no big deal! After that class, she started putting her head under when we would go to our swim club. Now Mae is constantly jumping in the water from the pool deck and is having so much fun now that she’s overcome that fear!


Once Mae completed her submersion, she graduated to the Minnow level! She was thrilled and I was super proud of her as well! This past Sunday was her first class at the Minnow level and she did amazing! Mae is already doing the jump in + roll over + floating independently! She even asked me to help her practice this at our swim club today, so I can tell she’s motivated and really wants to master the skills.  I can’t wait to see her make even more progress and complete all the goals at this level:

5 Goals of Minnow

  1. Safe entry/safe exit with mobility using the wall
  2. Jump in+ roll over+ float for 20 seconds independently
  3. Independent glides back to the wall
  4. Elementary backstroke 10 yards
  5. Safe entry + stream line from the wall+ rollover+ float independently for 20 seconds.

Mae’s swim lesson last week was the day before her birthday, so she was thrilled that she got to celebrate it at British Swim School. She received a special Birthday swim cap and the entire pool sang “Happy Birthday” to her at the end of class. It meant a lot to Mae! I love how BSS goes above and beyond to make their students feel special!


Teddy is also doing great in his Swimboree class and still gets excited about going each week! He is getting very comfortable working with Ms. Bonnie on his skills and doesn’t fuss too much anymore when he is separated from me. During a recent class, Ms. Bonnie had him so relaxed while practicing a back float that it looked like he was going to fall asleep! She is truly an amazing instructor! Teddy still likes to practice his back floats at home in the bathtub too!

5 Goals of Swimboree:

  1. Assisted back floating (or independent)
  2. Assisted submerged Torpedo rollover (or independent rollover)
  3. Full submersion sitting or standing
  4. Able to separate from the parent
  5. Independent in the swim ring


The submerged Torpedo rollover is the hardest skill to achieve at the Swimoree level but Teddy keeps getting better and better! This skill is where the child does a submersion and turns over underwater and surfaces into a back float. This is a really important water survival skill for little ones because it teaches them what to do in the event that they fall into deep water. If they know that they need to get into a back float position so they can breathe and call out for help, it can save their life.

Teddy has come a long way in the British Swim School program. It is really rewarding to see his progress each week. I am really glad I started classes for him at a young age (17 months) because he has developed a love of the water and isn’t afraid. He also wants to do what his big sisters are doing, so these classes will help him learn how to swim quicker!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in classes at the British Swim School, use code “CapMom19” for $20.19 off your first month of group lessons.

Water Safety at British Swim School


A few weeks ago I started taking Teddy to swim classes at British Swim School. Although he is only 16 months old, it is extremely important to me that he starts building his water survival skills early. We have a pool in our backyard, so for safety reasons I need all my kids to be strong swimmers. And I thought with summer only a few months away that it was a good time to have Teddy start lessons.


In all my different mommy groups, British Swim School is always recommended by several people. I have to say, I now understand why and I’m so glad that I decided to go with them for Teddy’s lessons.

The first thing I was impressed with when we walked into the pool area at Gaithersburg Courtyard Marriott Rio was that it was so nice and clean. There are changing areas and showers right next to the pool making it very convenient to get ready for class. The temperature of the water is also perfect. I can’t stand when pools are too cold and you get out with teeth chattering. You don’t have to worry about that here as it is nice and warm, making it comfortable for everyone. I also love how the instructor and deck ambassador greet Teddy and I with such enthusiasm. It really sets a good tone for class and I can tell Teddy likes the warm welcome!

It is evident that the instructors have been trained really well. They are comfortable with small children and know exactly how to handle their fears in the water. Our class instructor, Kimmie is also great at coaching me on what to say and how to react to Teddy.


At our very first class, Teddy cried for the first few minutes and I was worried it wasn’t going to go well. But the instructors and manager got out some toys for him and he quickly calmed down. I was impressed with how they handled it and Teddy ended up loving the class. He now gets excited when we arrive for class each week; I can’t get him dressed in his swim suit quick enough!


In the Tadpole class (ages 3 months – 36 months)  we work on an assisted back float with ears in, full gentle submersions, and getting comfortable using the swim ring. In between practicing these skills there is playtime, making it fun for the students. The instructors bring out balls and other water toys and we also sing songs. The Tadpole class is the first of  9 levels and is a parent assisted class. The small class size is nice; there are only 2 students in our class and the maximum allowed is 6.

I have had such a great experience with British Swim School, so I decided to enroll my 5 year old daughter Mae in classes as well. She just started yesterday in the Starfish class. She has hated swim lessons in the past and cried through many but loved her class at British Swim School. She didn’t want to get out of the pool when it ended. I’m confident we finally found the right program for her and she will make great progress!

Use code CAPMOM19 for $20.19 off your first month of group lessons! 

I partnered with British Swim School on this post.  However, all opinions and thoughts are my own.