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Clara’s Birthday Party at BusyBees!

5 years old! FIVE YEARS! I can’t believe the one who made me a momma is now 5, a whole hand big! Clara started talking about her birthday a couple months ago and likes to make a big deal out it. But I can’t blame her. I’ve realized these years go by in the blink of an eye and are so precious when they are little, so full of life, and excited about everything! It only seemed fitting that we celebrate her 5th birthday at BusyBees, one of her favorite indoor playgrounds in the DC area.

If you haven’t yet been to BusyBees, then check out this article with all the details. You will definitely want to take your kids to play there soon because it’s a happy place to play for both kids and parents!

Planning the party at BusyBees was so easy and stress-free. We chose the private party option so that we would have the entire space to enjoy with all of Clara’s classmates and friends. They offer four different party packages with weekday and weekend options and exclusive or shared playground space. More information can be found here.

As an added bonus, I didn’t even have to plan the party decor and tableware! That was all taken care of by Simply Genie – a DC based company that offers designer parties in a box. They partnered with BusyBees to offer a personalized BuzzytheBee party package option. As you can see from the photos, it was absolutely adorable and they didn’t miss a detail. Stripes and polka-dots happen to be one of my favorite combinations! And better yet, the prices are so reasonable. They had everything set up when we arrived, so we felt like we could fully enjoy our guests.

BB_tableware (1 of 1)

The package included customized water bottle wrappers, bamboo cutlery, plates, cups, straws, and napkins. It also included the adorable place mats featuring BuzzytheBee himself. And these place mats have a coloring page on the backside, so the staff wiped them down after the kids ate and everyone got to take theirs home! How cool is that?

BB_cupcakes (1 of 1)

The party package by Simply Genie also included customized cupcake toppers. Seriously, adorable!

BB_partyroom (1 of 1)

The customized Happy Birthday banner and bright pom poms added a festive punch to the party room.

BB_happybirthday (1 of 1)

Pure joy!

BB_mae (1 of 1)

The embarrassing little sister!

BB_play (1 of 1)

BB_balloonroom (1 of 1)

BB_clara (1 of 1)

BB_playground (1 of 1)

The kids all had a blast playing together in the playground and didn’t want to leave when the party was over. It was the best feeling in the world to watch Clara having fun with all of her friends. We made some wonderful memories at Clara’s 5th birthday party thanks to BusyBees and Simply Genie! I really can’t recommend them highly enough! The owner of BusyBees is truly a wonderful person who sincerely cares about creating the best party experience for her guests. They offer a complimentary party concierge service to handle all the planning and will even order the food if you prefer. Or if you are a party planning extraordinaire, you can always bring in all your own stuff.  You really can get the exact party you are looking for at BusyBees!

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Santa’s Visit at BusyBees!

6110 D Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, Virginia 22044

BusyBees is one of our favorite indoor places to play, so when it was announced that Santa would be making a stop there, I just had to get tickets. The kids started out playing in the playground when Santa made his grand entrance playing the bagpipes! It was such a fun surprise! I was so impressed with this Santa, who had a very detailed costume and a real beard! How authentic! Then he gathered all the children around him for story time.



Santa performed a few tricks like making snow and Olaf the snowman magically appear, which was a big hit with the little ones. Then it was time for each of the children to have their individual visits with Santa.


To make the experience even more magical for the kids, BusyBees sent a questionnaire to the parents in advance of the event to gather information about their children.  So when the children sat down with Santa, he knew special things about them like their pets name, favorite Christmas gift from last year, teachers name, etc. When it was Mae’s turn with Santa, she wasn’t sure about sitting next to him at first. But then Santa knew that she loves to sing the alphabet, so he asked her if she would sing to him. She happily agreed and climbed onto the bench next to him and sang the Abc’s. It was quite the sweet moment!

Busybees definitely put their creative party planning touches into this event with the cutest hot cocoa cart. It paired perfectly with the Chick-fil-a chocolate chip cookies and made for a festive and kid approved snack break.


There was lots of extra time for fun in the playground. Mae must have gone down the slides at least 50 times.


She also spent a lot of time in the room full of flying balloons. It’s pure joy in here! The giggles are everything.


If you haven’t yet been to BusyBees, take a look a this post I wrote with additional info. And parents, trust me you will love the extra long nap your child takes after spending a morning at BusyBees!

Santa and Mrs. Claus are visiting BusyBees one more time before they head back to the North Pole on Tuesday, December 22nd from 1-3pm. The event is already sold out but there is a waiting list if you are still interested. Next year remember to snag your tickets early for this super fun event!