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Photographer Feature – Yehudis Goldfarb Photography

Yehudis Goldfarb Photography
Silver Spring, Maryland

 A few weeks ago my family had the pleasure of meeting Yehudis and having her photograph us in our home. We were immediately comfortable with Yehudis and my girls were happy to welcome her into their bedrooms and eager to show her their toys. As a mother of 4, Yehudis is relaxed and patient, knowing first hand how to work with young children. Yehudis had such a great way of interacting with my girls that made them feel like they weren’t even part of a photo shoot. They were simply having fun.

DSC_1007DSC_1051 DSC_1031DSC_1039


I absolutely love the way Yehudis’s photos tell the story of life as it really is. For example, the two images below were taken only a couple minutes apart. Toddler mood swings are very much a part of our lives these days! It’s photos like these that will help us remember all the details about our girls at these ages.


Clara and Mae had quite a bit of energy to burn, so we headed out to the backyard after taking photos in each of their bedrooms. Yehudis captured us playing together as a family, just as we would do on any regular day. We had a lot of fun – jumping on the trampoline, blowing bubbles, and playing on the swing set. There wasn’t any “say cheese” or posing going on at this photo shoot which made it feel very natural and easy for the girls.



After playing outside, Clara and Mae were ready for a snack so we went inside. Yehudis can even make snack time look beautiful! It’s these little everyday moments that I wouldn’t think to capture but now looking at them in photographs, I see how they tell such a sweet story about our life. That is the beauty of Yehudis’s in-home sessions. These details about my family couldn’t be captured if we were shooting at park or studio.




There were so many good photos from this shoot that I had trouble narrowing it down to just these for this post. Seriously, so many beautiful ones to choose from. I will be updating the frames around our house with lots of photos from this shoot. I am forever grateful that Yehudis captured this moment in time with my girls. They are growing up way too fast and having these photos to look back on with nostalgia will be something my family will enjoy for years to come.

If you want to learn more about Yehudis, check out her Instagram and Facebook pages.

National Capital Trolley Museum

National Capital Trolley Museum
1313 Bonifant Road
Colesville, MD 20905

Who knew trolleys could be so much fun? This place is a hidden gem! I had never heard of the National Capital Trolley Museum until a couple months ago when I saw their Holly Trolleyfest advertised. I wanted to take my girls during this event in December but the month was busy and we didn’t make it there. So, I decided to take the girls this past weekend to check it out. It was too cold to do anything outside and they were going stir crazy in the house, so it was the perfect time for a visit to the museum!

After entering the Main Hall, Clara spotted the Rock Creek Railway Co. model trolley exhibit and ran straight over. It has a control that visitors can move to operate the street car from Rock Creek Loop to Chevy Chase Lake. There is also a wheel to crank and other buttons to push on the side of the exhibit to turn on lights in the homes and businesses.



Also in the Main Hall, is the Street Cars Go to the Movies exhibit that includes a small theater.


Large panels in the Main Hall illustrate various communities in the region where street cars were in operation.


Of course, the best part of the museum for my girls was riding the street car.


The 2 mile ride lasts about 20 minutes and takes visitors through the Northwest Branch Park. We saw several deer on our ride and the girls had fun pointing them out. The driver stops halfway through to punch tickets, give a bit of a history lesson about the street car, and answer questions.

TMdriver              TMride







After the trolley ride, we took a tour of Street Car Hall that includes trolleys from all different eras, localities, designs, and purposes.


TMhallWe spent about an hour at the museum and my girls definitely had a good time. I think any child who likes trains would enjoy this museum. It’s small and wasn’t busy the day we were there so that made it a very low key and manageable activity with two little ones.

Good to Know:

•Admission is $7 (ages 18-64), $5 (ages 2-17 & 65+) and includes unlimited rides on the trolley. Admission for the museum only (no rides) is $4 (all ages).
•Open Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm. At select times throughout the year, the museum is also open on Thursdays and Fridays. Check the operating schedule here.
•Trolley rides are offered every 40 minutes. When you arrive, check the schedule located just inside the entrance to find the next departing time.
•The museum offers birthday parties and school field trips.
•There is a gift shop that sells a variety of items for kids and adults including books, toys, t-shirts, and posters.
•Stroller friendly, although the museum is small enough you don’t need one for toddlers.
•The museum offers special events including the Holly Trolleyfest in December, where children can ride the trolley with Santa.