Teddy is a Seahorse!


It was an exciting week at British Swim School with Teddy graduating to the Seahorse level! He has been working super hard on his water survival skills and is doing a great job with separating from me in the pool.  If you’ve been following along here for a while you have probably seen some of my other posts on our experiences with classes at British Swim School. Teddy started in the first level (Tadpole) back in January, so we are coming up on a year now and it has been very rewarding to watch him make excellent progress!


I can’t wait to see what Teddy will accomplish in the Seahorse class! This Advanced Water Survival class is for children ages 18 months to 36 months and there are no more than 4 children in a class.

The swim instructor works one-on-one with each child following the same structure and emphasis on water survival as the Swimboree kids and baby swimming class. While the child is in the water, parents sit on the pool deck and actively participate in their child’s swimming lesson. Students must meet Swimboree goals in order to enroll in Seahorse.

5 Goals of Seahorse

  1. Independent back float
  2. Independent underwater rollover and float
  3. Push from wall and rollover
  4. Jump in, rollover and float for 20 seconds independently
  5. Independence from parent(s)

These skills are pretty advanced so I anticipate it taking a while before Teddy reaches all of the Seahorse goals. But the good thing about staying in lessons year-round is that we have 6-7 months before our backyard pool and other outdoor pools open for the summer. By then, I know that Teddy’s water survival skills will have improved even more and he will be well on his way to completing the goals.


We had Teddy’s first Seahorse class yesterday and he did so well! I was worried how he would do without me in the pool with him but he adjusted very quickly. At first he was trying to get me to go in the pool but once Ms. Kimmie put him in the water, he was happy to practice skills with her while I watched and cheered him on from the pool deck. He is already very close to doing his back float independently, so I think he will make great progress in the Seahorse class.


My daughter Mae is also making amazing progress in the Turtle 1 class! Just last spring she was scared to put her head under water and now she’s doing backstroke and freestyle! Mae is my second child, so I just didn’t get her in swim lessons young enough like I did my oldest. By the time I got around to it she was about 3 and had a huge swim lesson fear. I think part of it was she just didn’t click with the instructor at the first swim school we tried and that made a big impact on how she felt about lessons for the next couple of years….until I thankfully found out about British Swim School!


Mae started classes at British Swim School last February. The instructors were all so great with her and helped her ease into the lessons and get comfortable in the water. Once she finally got over her fear of submerging, there’s been no stopping her! Mae is so happy and much more confident. Her current instructor is Miss Sarah, who makes her work hard but also makes it a lot of fun too. Mae looks forward to going each week to work on the Turtle 1 skills:

5 Goals of Turtle 1:

  1. Streamline with flutter kick independently
  2. Swim-roll-swim to safety
  3. Independently swim 10 yards or 10 cycles of beginner backstroke with arms out
  4. Independently swim 10 yards or 10 cycles of beginner freestyle with arms out
  5. Demonstrate breathing on the side

Mae just needs to practice side breathing and keeping her legs straight when she kicks. But she is doing so well working towards the goals and I have no doubt she will be moving on up again soon!


If you are interested in getting your child enrolled in lessons, use code #CapMom19 for $20.19 off the first month of group lessons!

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