The Little Gym

The Little Gym at Downtown Crown
116 Ellington Blvd
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

My youngest daughter Mae and I recently tried the Super Beasts parent/child class at The Little Gym of Gaithersburg at Downtown Crown. It’s an understatement to say Mae enjoyed the class – she was smiling from the moment we arrived and was enthusiastically talking about how fun it was after it ended.

The class started in circle time with introductions and a hello song. Then Ms. Ally brought out the sticks and lead the group in some counting exercises and songs. There were only a few children in the class, which I thought was nice – the kids were not overwhelmed with the chaos of a large group and the instructor could give enough attention to each child.


Throughout the class, the kids had some time to explore the gym on their own, while Ms. Ally set up for different skills. The children worked on their forward rolls, walking across the balance beam, and donkey kicks. At the end of class the kids all shrieked when Ms. Ally brought out the balls. And of course the bubbles were a big hit too!


The Little Gym does such a great job of creating a fun program for physical development and socialization. The instructors are so energetic and bubbly and really make an effort to get to know each child. Parents can relax knowing that the gym is sparkling clean!

We also recently attended a birthday party at this location and I was impressed at how well run it was for a large group of about 25 children. Ms. Victoria and Ms. Jackie lead the kids in group activities, gave them free time to explore the gym, and brought out the tumble track for lots of jumping (Mae’s favorite part)!


The Little Gym offers a great summer camp for children ages 3-12. And there is currently a Certifikid deal for half-day camp at 11 different locations in the DC area. My oldest daughter, Clara participated in the camp in previous summers and it was one of her favorites!

The Little Gym has a lot to offer – check out their variety of classes here! We couldn’t be more happy with our experience!



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