Turning A Creative Passion into a SenSational Party by Meredith Sen

I am thrilled to have Meredith Sen, owner of SenSations Party Designs as my guest blogger today! She is a local mom who has a serious passion for entertaining. You can read a little bit more about her business in this post here. Today she is sharing why she started SenSations!

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved to plan events. I can still remember, idolizing how my mom and Auntie could plan and execute lavish, memorable events. From the invitations, to the food, to the decor, they would think of every last detail. I would shadow them and tell myself how one day I too would throw fabulous parties.

Fast forward twenty years, and now I am the mom of two, throwing children’s birthday parties and organizing preschool events. I have also discovered that planning and executing fabulous soirees like my mother and Auntie did is harder than it looks. The amount of planning and organizing that goes into a celebration is truly a full time job. As a result, like most moms, I did not have the time to design my child’s birthday parties from scratch, and usually ended up settling on the decorations and enhancements from the local party store. However, after throwing and attending my share of the typical Disney Character and Superhero Parties, each party started to feel the same. There was nothing unique about the dozens of birthday parties that we attended for each of the children in my daughters’ preschool class. Nothing was personal or unique about them. They were boring!

So with the help of a friend, I started toying around and creating my own custom party decorations. Although I have never been good at drawing, I found I was creative and had a real passion for designing and customizing party favors and decor. I used my daughter’s 5th birthday, a carnival theme party, as a test run to try out my designs on her friends and their parents. I spent months planning and designing Carnival Games and Decorations in the hope that my guests would enjoy themselves. From the banners, to the table tents, to the goodie bags, everything was designed to incorporate Olivia’s Carnival Logo. As a result, the party was a huge hit (crazier than expected, since at the last moment, I had to move the 65 person celebration indoors due to the weather!) Still to my delight, everyone left talking about the fabulous decorations and the amount of detail that went into the party! IT WAS A SUCCESS!


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At this point, I knew I had to share my creative party ideas with parents nationwide. And that was the birth of SenSations Party Designs. No matter what the budget is, SenSations can help anyone throw a one of a kind event, that is sure to be the talk of the town! (That is our secret sauce!) We custom design each party to your unique vision. So call SenSations Party Designs for your next big event, we will handle your party design stress, so you can just impress!



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